➣ Jewish Feminisms/American Visions: Perspectives from Fifty Years of Activism
University of Michigan School of Social Work, March 13 – March 15, 2019
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➣ Bearing Witness Without Witnessing
Holocaust Remembrance Week, Brandeis University, January 26, 2017 | identity and the Holocaust

➣ Ways of Knowing in the Study of Jewish Identity (with Harriet Hartman)
Association for Jewish Studies, December 2013 | demography and Jewish identity

➣ What Do We Talk About When We Talk About the Holocaust: Post Memory Narratives and Jewish Identity (keynote address)

➣ If Not Now When? Responsibility and Memory After the Holocaust
University of Ottawa, April 2013 | sociology of religion
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➣ Narrative, Demography and the Changing Dichotomies of the Sacred and the Secular (with Harriet Hartman)
Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Meeting, August 2012  | demography and Jewish identity

➣ Assimilation/erosion or resilience/revival Narratives: Putting the Flesh on Demographic Bones
Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, February 2012  | demography and Jewish identity

➣ Telling Ourselves Stories: Feminism, Narrative, Demography and American Jewish Identity
National Women’s Studies Association, 2012  | demography and Jewish identity

➣ Questions about the Meaning of Jewish Identity
Socio-Demography Conference, Brandeis University, October 2011  | demography and Jewish identity

➣ The Holocaust and Contemporary Jewish Identity (keynote address)
27th Annual Holocaust Conference, Purdue University, April 2008  | sociology of religion

“Being” and “Doing” Jewish in America: Surveys, Narratives and Religious Identity
American Academy of Religion, November 2004  | identity and the Holocaust

➣ The Robert D Klein University Lectureship
Religious Revival in America: Awakening the Feminine, 1987

➣ 'Doing Justice' and Post Holocaust Jewish Identity

➣ Ba'alot Teshuvah: Revivalists or Traditionalists?

➣ Better the Devil You Know: Feminist Women, Orthodoxy and Choice

➣ Beyond Belief, Behavior and Belonging: Can You Still Be Jewish?

➣ Gender, Post Holocaust Memory and Political Identity

➣ Making the Secular Sacred: Holocaust Narratives and Jewish Identity

➣ My Mother's Daughter, My Daughter's Mother: Adult Mothers and Their Daughters on Jewish Identity

➣ ‘Never Again' the Universal and Particular Message in Post Holocaust Identity Narratives

➣ On Being Feminist: Some Jewish Concerns

➣ Paradoxical Politics and Newly Orthodox Jewish Women

➣ Secularism as Denominational Judaism?

➣ The Holocaust: From the Margins to the Center in Western Popular Culture

➣ What Does Religion Have to Do With Jewish Identity?

➣ What Makes Secular Jews Jewish?

➣ What Place the Holocaust in Contemporary Identity Narratives Among Young Adults in the U.S. and Israel